Leeann | December 9, 2019

We were delighted to receive images from Kaygen Cooney, that were taken during his time in South Africa volunteering with the African Impact Foundation. 

During his time in St. Lucia a new 2-bedroom home was built for the Mbalis family. St. Lucia is made up of three rural village communities inhabited by approximately 70,000 people. The village population live in a vast array of homes, from shacks built of wood and broken concrete to larger permanent brick buildings. Rural zululand is a remote and beautiful area , though being one of the poorer regions. 

The Mbalis family consists of three sisters and between them they have six children. Their mother had a large growth on her neck and unfortunately passed away in June, she had been the sole income provider. Their main issue was that the house the family had been living in belongs to their grandmother and was eventually intended for their cousin. This was a huge concern for their family. With assistance from Kaygen and is team they secured a plot of land by virtue of a gift to build on, and the necessary funds to build their new home.

Duggan Brothers contributed to the cost of materials by means of a monetary donation.

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