Careers in construction go far beyond being a project manager an engineer or a BIM Technician. There are so many functions within the industry where we can all develop our own skill sets. There are senior roles in marketing functions, HR, Finance, purchasing etc, and in some cases, there are already female leaders in management roles.

I was very lucky that when I left school I was given an opportunity to work with one of the top 3 main contractors in the country. I made the most of the opportunity that I was given and that summer I worked hard. As a result of this, when I went back to college that September I nearly always had work on and off throughout my college years and full time every summer up until I finished my BBS Degree in Marketing from Maynooth University.

I then went on to work full time as a Business Development Graduate for the same company after I left college. I gained invaluable experience and felt that I was ready to take on a new, more senior challenge. My new role as Business Development Coordinator for Duggan Brothers (Contractors) Ltd is exciting and I can apply all of the knowledge that I have built up, to this new career venture. The team that I am working with are very open to diversity in the workplace and there is a fantastic culture between staff and management.

The focus that management has put on employing and developing younger staff members that on paper have less experience is noteworthy. For me, this is tremendously positive and a fantastic reflection of management to be both open-minded and forward thinking. My experience within the construction industry so far shows that for female graduates there are progressive roles in the construction industry, it is an industry that you can progress up the ladder if you are motivated and determined. Throughout my journey so far, I have been lucky to work with a small number of role models in the industry, both male and female in management functions. I found my female role models to be empathic and encouraging– these are wonderful characteristics to have and we need more individuals like this in construction. This influence and support has helped me to take on new challenges with open arms.

In my opinion construction at the moment is a male-dominated industry. However, with focus we can revolutionize that. It is very important that female role models in the industry participate in the #BuildingEquality initiative, run by the CIF. The first place we need to start is with schools, this means more presentations, more discussions and more school visits for our female role models.

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